Poetry by Jeff Green


Fighting the trolls!

by cricketjeff on July 16, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Amera the Queen of the Elves of the night
In armour of silver and steel
Led hundreds of warriors into the fight
And brandished a sword named Aureel
When the trolls from the hills are attacking again
Amera must fight in defence of her men

Her standard is born by the bravest of knights
Sir Titus the teller of tales
Who follows her into the fiercest of fights
Then sings her a song about Wales
The trolls of the hills are all ugly and old
And come to the towns to steal women and gold

Eusebius too is an elf with a lance
Whose glories are sung in the skies
Amera beside him bears charms to entrance
With magic in her battle cries
The trolls of the hills are all heavy and slow
And live in the caverns and chasms below

MJ rode on horseback from lands filled with ice
His Queen has commanded his sword
When called by Amera he’ll never think twice
Amera’s his sovereign Lord
The trolls of the hills come alive every night
To eat all the babies then learn how to write

Brave Johnny her father has wisdom and age
And carries a war-axe and mace
The tales of his derring-do leap from the page
His Queen always saves him a place
The trolls of the hills are not easily slain
Their skin is like leather, they never feel pain

Amera asked Lyndon along for the game
The seamer has weapons to throw
He’s spent all his lifetime acquiring his name
And has many talents to show
The trolls of the hills are now screaming in fright
Amera is forcing them into the light

Pure Thought is a warrior cunning and brave
Who’ll follow his Queen to the end
He’ll never give up while there’s lives he can save
Amera is proud he’s her friend
The trolls of the hills are now ready to run
And strong Elven warriors set about fun

With Mairi beside her a Scottish Princess
Who’ll argue and fight with the best
She’s never discovered in laces and dress
And seldom or never impressed
The Trolls of the hills are now firmly replaced
When the Queen rides to battle they’re always disgraced

Amera the Queen of the Elves of the day
Is dressed up to dazzle her men
The hundreds of Elves that she’s met on her way
Are captured by Beauty again
The Trolls of the hills are still sure they have won
The Queen’s stuck in Florida dodging the sun!

Author notes

Amera wrote a beautiful poem featuring me as a six headed dragon so since no good deed should go unpunished I wrote this…

The careful amongst you can spot quite a few AP poets in Amera’s army I’ll come back later and provide links to their pages but thought it would be fun to let you find them yourselves for a while.

Since it is for Amera I better say something about the form. I needed something she has never written, not an easy task, and something that no-one else on AP is likely to have written either. I have gone for an “ode” rhymed in sixaines rhymed ababcc (Shakespeare used this in Venus and Adonis and it has recurred many times since) but I haven’t gone for iambics the a and c lines are in tetrameter and the the b lines in termeter but the individual feet are mostly amphibrachs (diDUMdi) with lines terminating in iambs, but I have not checked that this is rigourously enforced.

I hope that everyone named is happy to be in here I admire you all!