Poetry by Jeff Green


That Bloody Woman

by cricketjeff on July 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She spells and tells her mysteries in accents rare and rich
In forms she finds inside a fertile mind
Wild words to weave weird histories that scratch the deepest itch
And leave unpainted dreaming far behind
With a passion for a fashioning of language out of air
She must write or else forget that she exists
She’s a lady rather shady who can whisk my thoughts elsewhere
And can hide the plainest answers in the mists
She may dream she’s at the wicket helping England win at cricket
Though she’s Scottish and Dundonian from choice
Like a rebel flying picket that emerges from a thicket
Just a poet with opinions and a voice
Some may love her or abhor her but there’s none that will ignore her
She’s the soul and body of the way she fights
I would pack her up and store her as I really do adore her
And I think I am in love with what she writes

Author notes

Mairi bheag can write.