Poetry by Jeff Green


A dreamland

by cricketjeff on July 18, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I may want to find my lover and I know I want some fun
Where the mermaids wear white t shirts and the threads of verse are spun
Where the sun is not a lightbulb and the sea is not a pond
That’s the place I call my dreamland and it’s over there, beyond …

When I fly across my dreamland and I dive to see you wave
There are faces gazing skywards and a man who needs a shave
There’s a mermaid in a t shirt by the tombstones in a park
I’ll be there with you by moonlight in my dreamland after dark

There is summer sun all morning and we’ll sleep all afternoon
On the porch near passing strangers we’re all waiting for the moon
When a mermaid in a t shirt takes me firmly by the hand
And we wave goodbye in moonlight to the troubles of the land

When you soar across a city, when your lover hears you call
There are sights you know are pretty and you feel so very small
See a mermaid in a t shirt and you know the dream can’t end
There is sweetness in a lifetime, that has days of let’s pretend