Poetry by Jeff Green


Pleasing the judges

by cricketjeff on July 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Flowing like butter on toast in the morning
Oil in an engine, or water downhill
Rhyme like a bell that is rung for a warning
Clock on a church spire when weather is still
The poems we seek are all rhyming and flowing
Beautifully worded and sounding like song
If you’re a poet with talent for showing
Then this is a contest that cannot go wrong

Sonnets and villanelles, ottava rima
Anything rhyming with meter sublime
An ode or a ballad that tells of a dreamer
No awkward corners and plenty of rhyme
Triplets or monorhyme, couplets or rubai
Exact and not slanting if you want to win
Form found in Texas or somewhere near Dubai
Just pull up your muse and it’s time to begin

Look at the theme and then write us a beauty
Edit and polish it make sure it shines
Careful attention’s a good poet’s duty
Match up the sounds of the words on the lines
All of the entries are read by the judges
Three or four times in our heads and aloud
So if you write rhyme and you never bear grudges
Write us a verse that will make you feel proud

Author notes

This is an “example poem” for “The Rhyme and Flow Challenge” run by Sue Cardwell and me.