Poetry by Jeff Green


Good eating!

by cricketjeff on July 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I wanted to know you, you hid the way in
Your sweetness you kept for so few
The softest of treasure beneath a thick skin
The rest didn’t know what I knew
I found such perfection when you were unwrapped
The sweetest of treats that your lifestyle has trapped

But now I have opened the way to your heart
And sucked all the seeds from your soul
The skin of the fruit just the outermost part
The flesh and the pips make the whole
I’ll worship you always with lips and with teeth
Your skin just the gateway to sweetness beneath

I wonder what message my verse will portray
The feelings the readers will know
I hope that my muses have shown him the way
That juices and sweetness can flow
A fruit of the tropics that’s perfect inside
I’m glad that you brought me along for the ride

Author notes

I nearly wrote about Pommie Granite but couldn’t think of enough good puns