Poetry by Jeff Green


Nothing changes

by cricketjeff on July 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The Sun comes up each morning and the stars come out each night
    The World continues as it did before
I still drink tea too often and a glass of wine’s just right
    But I am not the same man any more
I can’t tell you what’s different, can’t say what things are new
I’m just not quite so innocent, since I said “I love you”

The meals I eat are made the same, the blackbird hasn’t changed
    He sings his heart out then he begs for food
The letters in the alphabet have not been rearranged
    And cats still have a dodgy attitude
But everything is different, though the changes are so so few
Inside my heart, so innocent, I know that I love you

And maybe you have changed as well, yet still remain the same
    The world around you lit a brand new way
You walk the dog and feed the cat and love to play the game
    The constants of your life must surely stay
And yet I know you’re different, there’s changes to the stew
My love is not so innocent and you said “I love you”

Author notes

“I love you”…is a universal phrase being said by the all living beings…Unknown

This quote is a prompt.

Around 20 lines.

Those of you who, like me, pronounce different as “diff’rent” with two syllables will have difficulty with this, just for today please pretend it has three the way it is written.