Poetry by Jeff Green


The treasure sonnet.

by cricketjeff on July 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Take forty seven paces to the North
You’ll find a number carved upon the tree
Remember what it says and then walk forth
Until you find the rock that sees the sea

Now find the rock that looks just like my head
The number from the tree is now your guide
Walk East for twice the paces that you read
To find the spot where pirate treasures hide

Now dig three feet and you will find a key
To open up the chest that’s buried near
Three times the number and another three
The spot to dig will soon be very clear

Be careful if you find my stolen gold
A man who steals from me will not die old!

Author notes

I found this in an old bottle washing up on Sandy Beach in Dorset, my only trouble is, it doesn’t say which island!!!