Poetry by Jeff Green


Four of them, what for?

by cricketjeff on July 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you were born I held you on one hand
And marvelled at the way that life can be
It seems impossible to understand
To make another life from you and me
Although you were expected and well planned
I did not know the ways you’d set me free
You’ll always be a baby in my heart
But now you’re six foot one and live apart!

You’re always in a hurry to arrive
From in to out on less than half an hour
You popped out in my arms, a child, alive
Like water falling from a summer shower
I had to catch you so you wouldn’t dive
And now you’re always after speed and power
I sometimes wish you’d learn to slow it down
I guess a dad can learn to show a frown

A ginger midget then and still the same
My little girl who bounced the world away
You treat your life as just a sort of game
Each situation is a chance for play
I guess as parents we must take the blame
I hope this is the way you’ll always stay
You are my girl and still my only elf
I see a lot of you inside myself

And number four you rounded out our team
With ways to cause your elder siblings pain!
You play guitar which makes me want to scream
But everything about you is a gain
When you were ill I lived the harshest dream
I’m far more happy now you’re just a strain!
From one to four no dad could ask for more
And yet I wonder what we did it for!!!

Author notes

Terry, Alex, Frances and Ray, who could ask for more?

Less maybe but certainly not more!!!

Oh and if anyone cares it is a four stanza ottava rima, in iambic pentameter.
8 lines per verse diDUM diDUM diDUM diDUM diDUM on each line and rhymed abababcc within each verse which are not linked.