Poetry by Jeff Green


The Land of the Free

by cricketjeff on July 22, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When we were born a nation of the free
Our founding Fathers wrote in words of fire
So we should serve the cause of liberty
The cradle for the spark of all desire

We fought against our countrymen of old
And bought the rest from France for just a song
We travelled West to find the fabled gold
And shot at anyone who we thought wrong

Like children then but now we’ve had to grow
The world has changed and we have borne our share
Our values still remain, though not on show
We’d like to spread our freedoms everywhere

From Washington to Martin Luther King
We’ve learned to find the good in everything

When we have peace on Earth and understand
That ours is not the only way to live
That not agreeing isn’t underhand
And other nations have a lot to give

We’ll learn that we should only use our share
That we can be the greatest and be good
We have to give and take and play things fair
To treat all other peoples as we should

In time we’ll marry wealth to our ideals
And lead the world to greatness and the stars
Where lubrication’s not for squeaky wheels
With colonies across the Moon and Mars

When that is done the Nation of the free
Will show the World a better way to be

Author notes

Still editing, I’m not American if you couldn’t guess