Poetry by Jeff Green


Eating out

by cricketjeff on July 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

“I’m hungry”, you told me as we drove around,
That summer seems so long ago.
A statement, I’d say, that’s not really profound
But something I needed to know.

We drove through a village, with nowhere to eat
No cafe, no pub and no shop.
Holiday eating should be quite a treat
But this trip so far is a flop.

“A chippy! A chippy!” that’s all that we need
There isn’t a chippy to see
There has to be somewhere to give us a feed
You’re hungry, and angry at me!

We drive down a lane and we find not a thing,
There’s nowhere for feeding in sight.
My stomach now rumbles and yours starts to sing;
Will we find a dinner tonight?

I’m driving and searching when you shout out loud
“Turn left now I’m sure it’s the way”.
And there, in a village, a chip-shop stands proud –
“Eureka!” is all that you’ll say.

Author notes

“A chippy” is the common English parlance for a Fish and Chip shop.

An essential element of any English holiday.