Poetry by Jeff Green


The end of the World is nigh (Loosely after the divine McGonnagall)

by cricketjeff on July 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Hurtling through the empty spaces of space
The meteor was heading towards Earth where it would hit a place
The bright shining light that all lives would soon take
Shone out in the night like the candle on a birthday cake
Smaller by far than the moon that’s in the sky
I saw it heading here with my very own eye
Men in their beds were asleep unawares
This could be the last night that they had to climb the stairs
History would recall except all of us will be dead
That we should have been in church busy praying instead
God has looked down on the Earth that he has created
And decided that man and all that he has done must now be cremated

The Americans decided to launch a big rocket
Towards the shining orb in the hope that they can shock it
Tumbling as it does towards all of us down below
The rocket will explode that should tell it to go
Then we shall be saved by the missile they launched
And can go about our lives being dinnered and lunched
The Russians as well want the meteor exploded
So they and the Chinese also launch rockets they will never be out blown

So all of us people down on Earth where we live
Should remember that to these enemies with their missiles our thanks we should give
The cold war was really a very good thing
The rockets are like a modern angel on the wing
Never again with a meteor be sent
Because we have in the arsenals of our great powers weapons that make aliens relent

Author notes

I think this is about the worst poem I can write. Is it what you are after?