Poetry by Jeff Green


Passion for life

by cricketjeff on July 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I shall hold you in my arms and bite you harshly on the lip
Then so tenderly I’ll kiss to mend the tear
While we kiss like childhood lovers we’ll be searching for the grip
That will rip away the little that we wear
Then you’ll drag your long red nails along the contours of my spine
While I lose myself in fires within your eyes
When we fight like alley cats for the love that’s yours and mine
Then we’ll know that all of love is sweet surprise

Never take your love away and leave me lost in pools of tears
Never treat me as a romance says you must
With the passion in your heart you always sweep away my fears
And you’ll always be the object of my lust
When we’re old and on our own in the last grey years of life
We may find that tender loving is our way
Until then I promise you I’ll feed the fire of ardent strife
And the heated forge of love is where we’ll stay

Author notes

“I can’t shake this little feeling.”