Poetry by Jeff Green


Magic apples!

by cricketjeff on July 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I did not know a wood could be enchanted
Nor that a fairy owns each apple tree
You cast a spell when first the tree was planted
I touched the fruit and now the spell’s on me

A quiet walk just after Sunday lunchtime
I wondered why one tree was bathed in light
I reached one hand and suddenly the crunch time
A tiny prison cell and I’m locked tight

I hear the notes of happy fairy laughter
And I see a perfect fairy form
My heart and soul were lost for ever after
You hit me like a summer thunderstorm

One moment I was trapped inside the core
And then I was in love for ever more

It’s true each apple tree must be enchanted
A fairy ties her life to every tree
She guards it from the time the pip is planted
And for this apple tree the guard is me

I saw you in my wood each weekend lunchtime
And drew you closer in with fairy light
I picked the perfect day and it was crunch time
The spell was cast and you were locked in tight

You heard the music of my fairy laughter
I looked inside to see your manly form
You’ll be my only love for ever after
You rage inside me like a thunderstorm

You touched my fruit and fell into its core
Then I locked up your heart for ever more

Author notes

Image is Wondering by manips-of-artist2

Something a little different for you today

A dyad of Shakespearian sonnets, that is a pair of sonnets using all the same rhymes
So each poem rhymes AbAb CdCd EfEf gg
And because it sounds nice I made the A C E rhymes feminine, that is they stress the syllable before the last and rhyme the final two syllables not just one.