Poetry by Jeff Green


Abstract explosions

by cricketjeff on July 25, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

To decimate with dynamite,I’ll detonate the trap
And I’ll aerate your minions where they stand
I’ll actuate, eradicate, explode it on your lap
The trigger point was never as you planned
Your blood will burst in crystal sparks, no pause to trip the ice
The conflict can be ended any day
In radial expansion there is struggle that’s not nice
I’ll put it in a poem anyway

Author notes

A word bank and an abstract picture ( Abstract by enrique )

Actuate, Aerate, Blood, Burst, Conflict,
Crystal, Decimate, Detonate, Dynamite, Eradicate,
Explode, Ice, Minion, Pause, Point,
Radial, Spark, Struggle, Trigger, Trip.

And I have no idea why I entered