Poetry by Jeff Green


Wouldn’t it be funny

by cricketjeff on July 26, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Wouldn’t it be funny if the sky was always pink
And the flowers grew on trees and smelt of toast
If the people on the buses didn’t yap but stopped to think
And if everybody else like me the most

Wouldn’t it be funny if the sea were washed away
And they ships had wheels and rolled across the sand
If the people with their busy lives all had a day for play
And we didn’t have to hate another land

Wouldn’t it be funny if all cars could run on cheese
And the roads were red and grassy, fast and flat
If the people who get angry just kicked back and took their ease
And the whole of life was easy “just like that”

Wouldn’t it be funny if the rain was marmalade
And bread and butter flew about like birds
If the people who get in the way all hurried home and stayed
And a poet didn’t only win at words

Wouldn’t it be funny if you lived next door to me
And I found I didn’t have to dream of you
If the people who said “don’t do that” said “that’s the way to be”
And that loving you was all I had to do

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For THAT?!?!?!?!