Poetry by Jeff Green


You rule my world

by cricketjeff on July 27, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I felt this way about you from the start
I know that we can never be apart
The castle of my dreams is by your heart
          My world is just a snow globe in your hands

I know it’s you that tells the sun to rise
You wake me with a kiss of sweet surprise
So I can lie there dreaming in your eyes
          Each fibre of my being understands

You kiss my lips to tell me what to say
And hold my hands to lead me to the day
My love is on a leash so I can’t stray
          You lead me to each place I want to be

You shake me up to watch the weather change
My life is always yours to rearrange
But nothing that you do to me seems strange
          As every little change just sets me free

And when you stand and hold me from behind
Each breath of yours blows wind right through my mind
With inspirations that I need to find
          To write the lines that document my life

The toy that you control is all of me
Your vision is the only thing I see
And all of you is in my poetry
          In which I always see you as my wife

Author notes

Snowing by manips-of-artist2

A simple poem of triplet rhymed quatrains with a hidden extra, the fourth lines of each quatrain make a little verse of their own