Poetry by Jeff Green


In training

by cricketjeff on October 1, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Sitting on my own, inside a crowded rush-hour train
Lost in private, silent reverie
When, without a single warning, there is sitting on my lap
The loveliest young lady I could see.
You were standing by the door in the next carriage to mine,
When you saw that I was sitting on a seat.
So you sneaked in through the door that separates the cars
So you could take the weight off from your feet.
If everyone aboard a crowded train was told to share
I imagine that a lot would make a fuss
But if everyone was told they could share a seat with you
Then I don’t think many men would take a bus
Although when I am sitting under you aboard a train
There are not too many spots I’d rather be
I’d be a much more happy fellow if the train was not so full
And you were sat upon my knee in privacy!

Author notes

Sadly this isn’t a tail of my journeys to and from work that actually happened!