Poetry by Jeff Green


Carnal encounters

by cricketjeff on July 28, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

On perfect days when sunlight plays
I dream beside a stream
A warming haze and no-one pays
For strawberries and cream
Each loving thought, a playful sport
My mind is left behind
We’ve never fought, since I was caught
The best a man could find

Inside our dreams where sunlight teems
We kiss a lot like this
And all life seems blessed to extremes
The recipe for bliss
Four hands explore and search for more
I flirt and raise your skirt
With love in store your tastes are raw
You strip away my shirt

I bite each breast you don’t protest
Aware we’ll soon be bare
Your lips are pressed upon my chest
Your hands are pressed elsewhere
So moist within this can’t be sin
I try to make you sigh
Our climbs begin we race to win
The race to touch the sky

No turning back from such attack
Four lips have me in grips
The pace can’t slack you have the knack
So smoothly action slips
We reach the line you gouge my spine
I strain in pleasure pain
I scream your mine the world is fine
Now, shall we start again?