Poetry by Jeff Green


Fantastic quest

by cricketjeff on July 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

He took my Queen away from me
And set her on a towering rock
He thought he found security
Without a lock
And so I travelled many lands
I held  to my appointed course
To find a man who understands
The flying horse
He told me how to tame the beast
And bind him to my soul for life
My urgent quest had never ceased 
To save my wife
I found Atlanta on the peak
Where all the gods of man were born
I cast a charm that he could speak
And oaths were sworn
The mighty beast flew swift and true
To bear my Queen back to my side
Before the evil wizard knew
He’d been defied
The vengeful wizard swears a curse
And raises charms from darkest night
Then speaks a long forbidden verse
To banish light
But ancient spells can’t be controlled
And often seem to go awry
Explosion ripped the clouds with gold
To show the sky
My Queen and I were raised above
In wheels of flaming scimitars
And now eternally we love
Two brand new stars

Author notes

OK simple one this time a “Pope Style” Sapphic ode

Each stanza has three lines of iambic tetrameter followed by a final line of just two iambs
(an iamb is a diDUM, that is a quiet syllable followed by a louder one) each stanza rhymes abab