Poetry by Jeff Green


A maiden on a mission

by cricketjeff on July 31, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just who is the lady who looks back at me
From my mirror where I should be sat
I thought she was me but now I can see
That there’s something the matter with that
My sister is sitting so pretty and proud
But where I should be there is, who?
I was never allowed to stand out in a crowd
This maiden is gunning for you
She’s masked and she’s ready her manner is steady
The look in her eyes says beware
The liquor is heady so have a care Freddy
She’s staking you out like a bear
The hunt is away and she’s ready for play
My body’s a mind of its own
Now you can’t get away from my scheming today
My cunning that so newly grown
A mask makes me bolder my manner grows colder
I’ll never give up on the chase
The plans in the folder before I’m much older
Your lips will be seeking my face
The mystery deepens my love for you cheapens
While masked I will own you tonight
Before you are sleepin’ you plunging will steepen
I’ll bury your soul out of sight
My sister can see it and now we agree it
I’ll capture my man with this plan
You know you can’t flee it, my mask lets me free it
My mirror  has shown me I can!

Author notes

Its a loose ballad meter, but the “feet” aren’t iambic (di dum) but a variety of ternary (three beat) and quaternary (four beat) feet.

Or to put it another way forget about the form it’s just a bloody poem