Poetry by Jeff Green


Now I can fly

by cricketjeff on August 1, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Without you I wouldn’t have wanted to fly
You showed me the sky was just waiting for me
I stretched out my arms and I gave it a try
In just a few moments I found I was free

Together we danced on the top of each cloud
And juggled with stars as they shone every night
You showed me the games that each talent allowed
And told me that all of my actions were right

We’re learning to fly as we’re drifting through life
And all of our efforts are bent to this end
The tethers that bound me you cut with a knife
And showed me the tools that I’d need to ascend

You lead me to pleasures I couldn’t have found
Without you I know I’d be stuck to the ground

Author notes

An 11 syllable tetrameter sonnet with Shakespearian rhyme I guess