Poetry by Jeff Green


Poetry Garden

by cricketjeff on August 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The sun shines down so sweetly on the garden that we grew
    Where the branches bob and bustle on the breeze
Each bloom can tell a story of the nurturing it knew
      And the beauty sets each dreamer at their ease
The roses in a riot run in rivulets of red
      Azaleas abound at every turn
A million perfect petals seem to float across each bed
      There’s so much more each gardener must learn
The pretty pinks must earn their place while strident poppies shout
      The overall effect can make you weep
With rows and lines of artistry, few weeds need grubbing out
      A stonewall where a clematis can creep
The formal beds I cultivate the meadow where you play
    The paths between where we can often meet
The garden of our poetry is where I’d spend each day
    A garden that will never be complete