Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 3, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A glance into a different world, that’s told in poetry,
    On sultry days the start of heavy rain,
A bottom in a pair of jeans that wiggles just for me,
    A nice hot bath when all the world’s a pain.
The greatest joy I ever know, what I most want to do,
Is close my eyes and count to ten and wake up kissing you.

A complex rhyme, where meter’s fine, a sonnet or an ode,
    Her long blonde hair and smile that says “yes please”.
A pleasant stroll, on summer days, along a country road,
    A ginger wine to put my mind at ease.
I jump for joy each time we speak, you set my heart aflame
And holding you within my heart is just the perfect game.

The first snowdrop in January, and Christmas every year,
    Remembering that you said “I love you”.
A scramble on a mountain ledge, with just a hint of fear
    And finding lots of things that we could do.
I’m full of joy and keen to bounce, when you are in my dreams,
The fantasy that waits for me amidst the mists and steams.

A cricket match that Surrey win, and Ali Brown’s on fire,
    A poem that you wrote to make me cry.
The chance to spend some time, and cash, on all that I desire
    The space to show that I can really fly.
I’m filled with joy and need to scream each time you cross my mind
And every day these joys recur you’re all I want to find!

Author notes

757577 syllable sixains rhymed ababcc