Poetry by Jeff Green


Love boat

by cricketjeff on August 4, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

As we lay in the boat while the sun said goodbye,
Softly kissing as gulls flew above,
Gently bobbing on waves as we started to sigh
For the wonder of falling in love.

We both touched where we might and we learned how to please
While the boat rocked us both where we lay.
Then I smiled at the sight as you undressed to tease
And the sun said goodbye to the day.

With my lips surely placed and your hands in my hair,
Underneath us the sea seemed to know,
That I’d thrill to the taste of the pleasures we’d share
As the Sun gave her last fiery glow.

You can sing to the sky and the Moon and the stars
On a boat that will rock to our joy,
While the music we make is the song of guitars
That the sounds of the waves can’t destroy.

When we join in the way that all lovers are joined
And the sea seems to say that we must,
At the end of the day a new language is coined;
In a boat full of loving and lust.