Poetry by Jeff Green


Moonshadow Magic

by cricketjeff on August 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

When you sat by my side on the banks of the stream
  With your hand in my hand on your thigh
When you lulled me to sleep on the edge of your dream
  And I drifted away on your sigh
As the sky filled with stars and the moon lit the world
  We were bathed in her silvery light
We are lovers who wait on the edge of the cliff
  We’re not ready to plunge out of sight
Just the light of the moon was not magic enough
  So we stayed on the brink of our bliss
Subtle shadows then fell on the edge of the bluff
  And our lips became locked in a kiss
Our embrace lasts for years and the magic remains
  In the words that two lovers can share
If there’s nothing to fear there’s an end to all pains
  And the spell can extend everywhere
Now the Moonshadow magic has bound you to me
  So there’s nothing can tear us apart
In the world it may be we are parted by sea
  But you’ll always be here in my heart

Author notes

Two linked love poems