Poetry by Jeff Green


Demons within

by cricketjeff on August 5, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

From deep within the blackest night,
          and far beyond the realms I know,
A memory of ancient flight,
          where evil thoughts can live and grow.
A shape that forms from shadows skin
          has pulled itself inside each dream
So all I fear can now begin
          to poison life’s onrushing stream.

I strive to see my enemy,
          so I can hold him from my door;
Beyond the light where I can see
          the fangs of hates that I abhor.
The stench of doom and awful death
          is fresh around the thoughts I touch,
A choking gloom that takes the breath
          has occupied me far too much.

When can I break from dread and fear,
          to see the light I know must rise
The choice to make is far from clear,
          I know the answer’s in her eyes.
But in this dark I can not find
          the way to read the path to tread,
A choking damp enfolds my mind
          reminding me I’ll soon be dead.

Before the day releases me,
          and gives me back the life I need.
I’ll have to set this demon free
          and sacrifice my hopes to greed.
I can’t escape the ghosts inside
          or run from what has made my soul.
There is no place that I can hide,
          and I, your friend, cannot be whole.

Author notes

OK it is not how I feel, I just wrote it because I wanted to write dark