Poetry by Jeff Green


You and I

by cricketjeff on August 7, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In yours I’ve found a life I want to share
And since we met I know my heart has grown
I love to talk to you when you’re not there
To smile and tease and treat you as my own
When you’re asleep I bend to kiss your hair
I never feel I’m here and on my own
It feels as though I’m standing on my feet
You came along and made my life complete

My pleasure grows because I’ve watched you bloom
You fill a little more of me each day
You make me smile when you are in the room
Even though I know you’re miles away
I glance at you and blow away the gloom
I feel you smile and then my mind can play
Because we met I am a better man
It wasn’t something I could ever plan

I hope you will remain part of my life
Whatever happens I would hold your hand
Although our little problems may be rife
And far beyond our wit to understand
I doubt that you will ever be my wife
But in my dreams that may be what I’ve planned
So cuddle up and listen to each word
I know I’m daft but maybe not absurd

Author notes

Ottava Rima yet another import to English Poetry from the Italians, seemingly rather older than the sonnet. the abababcc rhyme scheme is rather pleasing, if sometimes restricting in English (Italian has far fewer end sounds and hence more multiple rhymes) as with the Shakesperian sonnet or sixain the couplet provides natural punctuation.

All the early English Ottave Rima are in iambic pentameter but that isn’t a rule that is stuck to, I have here though.