Poetry by Jeff Green


A wet start to the day

by cricketjeff on October 2, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Through the pouring rain
To the crowded train
Hordes of people wait
Damn that train it’s late
Now a wondrous feat
Find an empty seat
Bouncing up to town
At least we may not drown
Prospects don’t look better
Now it’s even wetter
Once more in the rain
Now we’ve left the train
Keeping out the way
Of the vehicle spray
Tourists in a huddle
Much too near a puddle
Bet they’ll make a fuss
Splashed by London bus
Dripping in to work
Feeling like a jerk
Make a pot of tea
Feeling more like me
Now I’ve had a drink
I can start to think
It really is a pain
Workdays in the rain!