Poetry by Jeff Green


Susan Sto Helit

by cricketjeff on August 9, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Susan Sto Hellit, DEath's Granddaughter From Terry Pratchett's Discworld Novels in an artwork called A Time for Dying by Wynterskye on deviantart

It can be hard, when you find out that Death employed your Dad
And Death adopts you as his own Granddaughter.
Do you grow up believing that your own Granddad is bad
Or just does things the way the way he really oughta.
He lets you ride on Binky and you learn to walk through walls
But he tends to scare the pants off all your friends.
When memory can run both ways you know when facts are balls
And remember that all stories have two ends.
It can be rather handy, when you chase the thief of time,
To know that you have powers that can daunt.
Good stories sure beat literature, and poetry should rhyme
And all the evil beasts are fun to taunt.
It can be disconcerting to be on the edge of this
Where magical and real worlds collide.
I’m really far too sensible and not a flighty Miss
I sometimes use my magic skills to hide
I can’t stand Mary Poppins she is “far too good as gold”
And all the children that she meets are drugged.
I think I am immortal so I guess I wont grow old,
Unless of course My Grandpa ends up slugged.
I rode upon the Hogfather and helped restore the peace
At least for me it seems life won’t be bland.
They call me Susan Sto Helit, my tales will never cease;
I know all Pratchett fans will understand!

Author notes

I am waiting for feedback from some hardcore Terry Pratchett fans before saying I’m finished here! Now rather fixed I hope

With apologies to Terry Pratchett and all his millions of fans, I have read “Soul Music” and “The Hogfather” in which “Susan Sto Helit”, Death’s Granddaughter, appears in otherDiscworld novels and I have not read all of them. Binky is Death’s horse, the Hogfather is a very important character in the novels, I suggest you google for more info, the picture is utterly brilliant http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs31/i/2008/210/1/b/A_Time_for_Dying_by_Wynterskye.jpg it is called “A Time for Dying” by Wynterskye on deviantart if you right click and view the image you should get it much larger and see all the details.

I put this in as a placeholder while I re-read the novels, some people commented on this, they made me smile!

Susan is sitting and thinking about
Her job as a teacher and friend
She struggled all life ’til she overcame doubt
But came to the truth in the end

When your Granddad is Death
And you aren’t stopped by walls
You can live without breath
And you aren’t hurt by falls

Then you have to agree
That the magic is real
And you’re different to me
Never mind what you feel!