Poetry by Jeff Green


A view from the other side.

by cricketjeff on August 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Beautiful artwork, A horse's head by Jem Farmer, The Paining Poet.
I wonder what you’re thinking over there
You really seem to be the oddest sort
I’m very used to folk who stand and stare
But have you brought a polo as you ought?
You think that I am here to make you smile
I’ll have you know I have a job to do
My rider will be here in just a while
And then I’ll have to say goodbye to you
I wonder why you only seem to walk
A horse like me is clearly what you need
I’m pleased that we have had this little talk
I’m going off to have another feed
I’m rather keen on children and their sweets
My owner doesn’t know about the treats 

Author notes

Have a wonder to look at the painting properly.


Polo mints are known to all Brits, they are are about 1cm across and have a hole in the middle. Horses and people both love them. Apparently they are known as lifesavors across the pond.