Poetry by Jeff Green


Play the game!

by cricketjeff on August 10, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The wisest folk know all of life’s a game
The only way to win is play it fair
Don’t whine and whinge and try to pass the blame
The winners always have a lot to share

Ignore the parts that try to drag you down
Remember everything that makes you smile
A little love will wipe away a frown
A little more, you’re happy for a while.

The rules can sometimes make the game a pain
Don’t take the ball and run off home to Mum
Just give a shrug and take the play again
The referee’s the greatest player’s chum

Ignore all those who say that life is real
The idiots do not know how to feel

Author notes

Only good things count, that way everyone wins the game.