Poetry by Jeff Green


The beach or the woods

by cricketjeff on August 11, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

A touch of summer sunshine, after days of cold and grey
And so my heart is lifted to the skies.
A burst of children’s laughter signals in a better day
When I can see the sunshine in your eyes.
We’ll walk and talk together on a path between the trees
Or run across the golden sand that’s playing with the seas.

A burst of blackbird’s love song, after days of drumming rain
The bluetits busy fighting for some seeds.
A kiss of sunlight in your hair and I forget the pain,
A day with you will answer all my needs.
We’ll sit and drink together under dappled shade of trees
Or picnic on the sand dunes as they gaze across the seas.

The rustle of the dancing leaves that stretch to catch the light
And play like naughty children in the wind.
You pulled away and twirled for me to revel in the sight,
I whistled and was pleased to see you grinned.
We’ll lay upon a grass bank and kiss beneath the trees
Or wrap ourselves in all we feel, make love beside the seas.

The evening nears, the day can rest, the flowers can settle down
The daisies and the buttercups can close.
While barefoot we can run around, a million miles from town
And feel the warmth of summer with our toes.
Then lose ourselves in passion just two lovers in the trees
Or make some carnal music on a beach by summer’s seas.

Author notes

That’s a better way to spend a lunchtime…