Poetry by Jeff Green


What I was, am and will be

by cricketjeff on August 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I closed my eyes and all my life was there,
Each moment that I was or dreamed to be.
The people that I’ve touched all came to share
This moment that I knew that I was me.
The many moods of life were there in one,
Some days were full of joy and others sad.
Inside my head is light and endless fun
And tears and agony when things were bad.

I opened up my eyes to what can be,
The future of a life with lots to give.
I know that there’ll be bliss and misery –
You have to know them both if you would live.
  I’m all the things my story will allow
  The sum of every dreams beneath my brow

Author notes

Still working on the couplet and to eliminate the assonance between the rhyme pairs in lines 10-13

Couplet was
I’m all the things my story will allow
I’ll grow in ways the future shows me how

and lines 10 and 12 used to end in this and bliss