Poetry by Jeff Green


Book magic

by cricketjeff on August 13, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In her mind, she has dreamt every book on the shelf,
Every page, every line, every word, was her own.
So each tale is a part of this mischievous elf
And the names on the spines only took them on loan.

Now she rests on a bed made of beautiful books.
Doesn’t care that you find her abandoned this way;
She would revel in all of your mystified looks,
As you seldom see elves in a library by day.

When the darkness engulfs her, she’s up on her toes
Putting magic in stories and sparkles in tales.
So that everything changes and every book grows,
She adds tear drops in buckets and laughter in gales.

Every book in my library is magic to me
And they’re written by fairies, like this one you see.

Author notes

12 syllable tetrameter (4 anapaests per line) Shakespearean sonnet, and with all the banned words I think

PerVirtuous Allan points out to me that l13 is wrong in meter in his accent, I suspect it is in many people’s, in London Library is commonly pronounced Lie-Bree.

With apologies to the artist for missing the credit
The image above is a link to deviant art as I do not have permission to copy it. The artst is a man from Bahrain called Mahmood Al Khaja.