Poetry by Jeff Green


Sitting by the river

by cricketjeff on August 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Now I’m sitting by the river sending, love songs out to sea,
So the seagulls can get cheeky with my words
And the lines that I am writing say I want you here with me
Not just hearing what I’m saying mocked by birds.
All the water in my river can go rolling far away
And can find itself beside you on a very lucky day.

As I’m eating lunch in London it is time that you will wake
And I’ll breakfast in my daydreams at your side.
While the river wanders slowly with my messages to take
We’ll be reading them together on the tide.
All the love I send by river that the waters wash your way
Will be just as sweet and tender as the way I wrote today .

As I’m walking in my city you’ll be starting work in yours
And I know that you will hear me as I write.
So I’m happy in my city, in the sunshine out of doors
And you’ll hurry home to read my love tonight.
Throw my heart into the river so it finds you on the way
And we’ll float along together on this lovely sunny day.

Balmy moments full of feeling on the edge of something new
While the world has let my mind just drift along.
By the river that I know will carry all of me to you
In the words I’m setting down to make this song.
If I jumped into the river and I dreamed the trip away
Would we spend life in your city by a river every day?

Author notes

Complete-ish now I think, I have piccies to add later