Poetry by Jeff Green


My daydream

by cricketjeff on October 2, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

It’s fun to think, on a rainy day
Of people and things that are far away
I imagine you’re lying asleep in your bed
Dreaming sweet dreams in a beautiful head

I’m in an office with work I must do
But I’m sitting and writing a poem for you
If the wishes of poets weren’t routinely denied
I’d not be in the office but asleep by your side

You lie on the pillow, a smile lights your face
Your hair has spread out like a mantle of lace
Under the sheet, there’s a soft lovely form
That I long to touch it’s so lovely and warm

Soon you will stir, and you’ll wake from your rest
A yawn and a stretch may uncover your breast
I know that my presence won’t cause you alarm
As part of my wish you’ll be tender and calm

Alas now I find that my tea is all gone
So I’ve no more excuse and I better get on
Caressing a goddess, as she wakes in her bed
Is just a daydream that is filling my head

Maybe a bit later my dream can resume
And once more I’ll have you alone in your room
My pleasure in dreaming will be more complete
When more than one breast has emerged from the sheet

As I’m in an office with colleagues all round
This dream better wait until privacy’s found
The time that this poem has idled away
Has left me a smile, that will last my whole day

The next time I see you, I hope I don’t blush
As the thought of this dream comes back in a rush
I doubt that I’ll see you alone in your bed
But that is the image I want in my head