Poetry by Jeff Green


Magic of the Moon

by cricketjeff on August 14, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

If you look out your window when the Moon comes out tonight
She’ll sing the song that I composed for you
Then you may see me dancing down a silver beam of light
The full Moon’s magic makes my dreams come true
And every time I see her I will ask her tenderly
To carry all my love to you and kiss you just for me

We’ll sit out in your garden where the Moon has spread her glow
And sit and drink and talk the night away
We’ll marvel at the beauty that the Moon can put on show
And wish there was a way that I could stay
The magic of the full moon only lasts a single night
We can only stay together while we’re basking in her light

When you make love by moonlight you will know the love is real
There’s nothing you can do to fool the moon
The passions of the moment only add to all you feel
But loving in the moonlight ends too soon
We’ll wait upon the full moon when there’s magic in the air
I’ll ride upon a moonbeam to the garden that we share