Poetry by Jeff Green


What he says over breakfast…

by cricketjeff on October 2, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You must respect my position
Even though you are my wife
I love you as a lady
But this is real life!
If you want to take me shopping
That’s fine on Saturday
But we’ll have to take a detour
To kill Bugsy on the way

No I didn’t kill your Brother
Or even have him shot
I wanted it to do it long ago
But as it happens, I did not
Well yes I would kill your Mother
But I haven’t done it yet
I’ll do it most humanely
You really shouldn’t fret

Of course I go with lots of girls
They come with being “The Boss”
But I had to draw the line somewhere
So I’ve never had Kate Moss
Yes of course I love you
I married you for life
And this gun is only here for show
I’ve never killed a wife!