Poetry by Jeff Green


How I know

by cricketjeff on August 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I’m pretty sure that it’s your love that tells the Sun to shine
    I also know the Moon is here for you
Until you smile I cannot eat or drink a sip of wine
    I take the breaths that you allow me to

Each word I read is from your hand each song is in your voice
    You painted every flower and every leaf
The weather changes every day because you make the choice
    Your sadness is the only source of grief

Inside my dreams I hold your hands and walk inside your heart
    And in my mind you wander far afield
The only love song ever sung and we are both a part
    To all demands I know that I shall yield

Inside your eyes the world rotates humanity’s your dream
    There’s nothing that is not beneath your sway
And I am filled with happiness the only cat with cream
    I know that you’re in love with me today

I did not see the world before you told me how you feel
    I did not hear the universal beat
My past was just imaginary my future life is real
    You’re all I need with you I am complete