Poetry by Jeff Green


Sensing your love

by cricketjeff on August 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

I feel the heat as I walk in the door
A primal need igniting my desire
The scent of lust has me demanding more
A smell that always sets my brain on fire

You sigh and I am yours in every way
A sound that makes me glad to be alive
I know we’re on the move, no man can stay
There’s always something more for which to strive

I see the look of love that fills your eyes
Enjoy the way you walk across to me
You touch my face I feel the sweet surprise
This was the moment I was meant to be

Our tongues engage and lips are softly traced
I’ll never tire of testing how you taste

Author notes

14 lines meant a sonnet of course…

L1-2 sensing heat
l3-4 smell
l5-6 sound
l7-8 motion
l9-10 sight
l11-12 touch
l13-14 taste

I hope it meets this prompt :-
“Short pieces about sensory, touch, smell

hear, anything you feel that fits the contest

short and direct .

no more than 2 lines per sensory

and no more than 14 lines total,

can be as short as 2 lines as long as it

associates with senses.. ”

no pre-writes