Poetry by Jeff Green


Falling in love

by cricketjeff on August 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

By a tree trunk near a river with your head upon her lap
  Eating grapes and singing sonnets to the sky
When your lover strokes your forehead and you’re happy in the trap
  You gaze upwards as her beauty fills each eye
There is nothing in the language that can paint a sweeter scene
Than two lovers wrapped in love songs on a bank of dappled green

Falling gently into passion with the only girl for you
    Feeling kisses softly falling on your face
Holding hands and squeezing fingers finding pleasures just for two
    Knowing love is all around you in that place
While the mallards with their ducklings dabble madly in the stream
You are losing inhibitions and you know you’ll have to scream

When the sonnets are recited and the free verse has been sung
    And a Villanelle is all that’s left to read
You will find that in your dreamland there’s a trigger that’s been sprung
    And it seems you’ve found the answer to each need
Now the poet and his mistress find their love is here to stay
And in dreams of gentle romance you’ll be lying here each day

After hours of growing closer while the Sun is high above
    It is time the Moon intruded on the tryst
And two poets wander homeward in each other and in love
    Just two lovers who discovered they’d been kissed
By the magic in the verses and the waters flowing by
You’ll be locked in love forever never parting ’til you die.