Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 20, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Just close your eyes and let the sun transport you far away
To where your love will sit with you and talk away the day
Just switch your mind from day to day to love and summer dreams
And give yourself a whole new world of trees and pretty streams
Where toes can curl in golden sands or boots can bounce on moss
And after all the day is done you toast away the loss

The train transports you up to town your mind has other goals
In distant lands where all is well and love of kindred souls
You know that life is not this way and yet the dream persists
Of places far beyond today where love and peace exists
In dappled sun on sea washed sands by tides that come and go
Your mind can take away today in dreams that ebb and flow

Forget the worries and the bank and all you have to do
The perfect place that’s in your head can make your whole world new
And when the train arrives at last and off to work you trot
The world is back with stress and strife and all that Tommy rot
But in your heart you know that there’s a cleaner better place
And knowledge of your lover’s tryst explains your smiling face

Author notes

Well suddenly there was sunshine