Poetry by Jeff Green


Swine called Pearl

by cricketjeff on August 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

In Texas and despite the odds, she’s casting Pearls for swine
And charging round on crutches in the merciless sunshine
Any one who asks her health will get the answer “Fine”
Now Tory’s on the warpath and will win

With just ten minutes on the clock no spaces can be found
And Pearl is busy grinning as she thinks she’s won this round
But Tory leaps the buildings and is there in just one bound
Now Tory’s Superman and she will win

A lie about a meeting and she knows that Tory’s beat
A few more stunts like this it will be “Victory complete”
But Tory’s not a moron and she’s nimble on her feet
So Tory cannot lose and Pearl can’t win

A personal vendetta and the local school board pays
We all know pearls are irritants that oysters treat for days
But we know one who’s heading for a smashing of the ways
She doesn’t know that Tory’s bound to win!!!