Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Two love birds on an apple bough that live to bill and coo
  And sing a subtle song to show they care
A feathered nest where they can sleep and do what love birds do
  I envy them the chance they have to share

Majestic swans that glide along and raise another brood
  A partnership of equals built to last
The only things to argue for are children’s bags of food
  And very soon such silliness is past

The Robin likes to boss his mate, but she’s the better man
  They can’t be split by arguing the toss
These birds all seem to get along in any way they can
  I’ll follow them and let you be the boss

I know you like me to take charge, and look so big and tough
  As long as all I do is what you need
So I’ll pretend that I’m the man, your special bit of rough
  And give your fancies just a bit of feed

The Blackbird in his shiny coat who sings his love all day
  Is only singing so she’ll always smile
And just like him I’ll do my part to keep things as you say
  And maybe we’ll be happy for a while

This ancient game of birds and bees and keeping ladies sweet
  Has worked for all these years for man and bird
So I’m prepared to carry on pretending life’s complete
  If you’ll pretend you’ll hear my every word!