Poetry by Jeff Green


One Easter

by cricketjeff on August 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

You don’t really hear the words

          just one word

All about survival rates and
drug trials
positive thinking
long term options
side effects

You just hold him
tiny, weak, emaciated
as they explain things
you never wanted to know

how if it had been you
you would have died
but now

things are different

no, it can’t start today,
On Monday,
and really
try not to worry

How do you not worry?
Two days before
wasn’t even a crossword answer
now it may be a death sentence
and you pronounce it

Author notes

He was 6, my youngest son, they were the Consultant oncologists and Great Ormond Street Hospital

He is now 18, and about to go off to university.
It wasn’t a fun year.