Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on August 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Prince Charming’s going to hold a ball
Will Cinders be the lucky miss?
Her book must answer Cinders’ call
“But does my bum look big in this?”
   Romance today is rather tough
   You have to earn each special kiss
   A talking book is magic stuff
   But does her bum look big in this?
The rabbits sewed all night and day
While Cinders helped each ugly Sis
And now she wants the Prince to play
Will he look at her bum in this?
    Two pumpkins turned into a Rolls
    Another car would be remiss
    But never mind these lesser goals
    She thinks her bum looks big in this!
Prince Charming’s going to hold a ball
Does Cinders’ bum look big in this


The magic car is on its way
To fly her to her fate
Can she escape her life today
I hope she isn’t late

Arriving at the castle door
She looks to check her dress
The first impression would be poor
If Cinders looked a mess

Prince Charming smiles to greet each guest
And Cinders shyly bites her thumb
She glances round at all the rest
Each girl has got a tiny bum
    Our heroine is in distress
    She knows that coming here was dumb
    Those rabbits made a dreadful dress
    It shows up Cinders’ rounded bum
Prince Charming rushes to her side
And wonders why she’s looking glum
“You really mustn’t try to hide,
I think you have a gorgeous bum!”
    Prince Charming rushed to greet this guest
    He’ll marry her just for her bum!


Author notes


I hope I got all the banned elements in

There are two modified Kyrielle sonnets (the repeat lines aren’t accurate repeats)
Joined together with a couple of stanzas in ballad meter. I hope you like it, I saw the way she was standing and …