Poetry by Jeff Green


Dreaming of you

by cricketjeff on August 23, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

The gentle waves beneath the boat
That rock us as we lie
One thousand miles from shore afloat
Beneath a midnight sky
While shooting stars illuminate
And flying fish delight
Our tongues and fingers join debate
As bodies merge at night
A sudden storm of lightning bolts
Like laser beams from space
We’re charged up to a million volts
And sparks fly from your face
The boat now crashes on the beach
And sunlight fills your hair
You dance and dodge just out of reach
There’s laughter everywhere
I make a grab we tumble down
A rumble has begun
In shades of pink and golden brown
The dream is filled with fun
With lips on lips and and hands on skin
Our needs and wants are clear
Explosions strike as I’m within
And breakfast time draws near
The pillow’s kiss beneath your cheek
Your hair flowed out like cream
Our opened mouths are not to speak
We carry on the dream