Poetry by Jeff Green


Hunting for fairy tales

by cricketjeff on August 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

Perhaps we can go hunting for a mermaid by the sea
  Or search for little fairies in the wood
Find pixies that are tricksy in the old conservat’ry
  Or piskies up from Cornwall who are good

The mermaids would be sexy and may fall in love with me
  The fairies could be handy round the house
The pixies that are tricksy can be fun in poetry
  The piskies would remove all need to grouse

A man who loves a mermaid surely lives on happily
  And fairies can bring magic to your aid
The pixies would be pesky but they don’t act evilly
  The piskies would be handy while they stayed

So let’s go mermaid hunting when we next go to the sea
  And search for lots of fairies in the wood
Perhaps we’ll leave the pixies in the old conservat’ry
  And hope we find some piskies to do good.

Author notes


well it’s like this doctor
the little blue people tell me these stories and Napoleon and I write them down with our crayons…