Poetry by Jeff Green



by cricketjeff on October 3, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

She was looking in the cupboard
Now she’s stuck and can’t get out
She doesn’t want to stay all night
So she starts to scream and shout
She has to shout for ages
But at last a sound she hears
She’ll be out in half a jiffy
That’s an end to all her fears
Strong hands have gripped her by the hips
That isn’t where she’s stuck
I think that she won’t be rescued
Before she gets a f***
The skirt that she is wearing
Is soon bunched up round her waist
And the little scrap remaining
Is very soon displaced
She starts to make a protest
But her bum receives a slap
She’s not going to get off lightly
He’s not that sort of chap
Each cheek receives a smack or three
And then it gets a squeeze
And just when she is wanting him
He enters her with ease
It only takes a moment
And again she starts to shout
But now she’s yelling “No don’t stop”
Not “Come and get me out!”
She’s reached a lovely climax
And another one beside
Before her would be rescuer
Has finished up inside
And then the door is opened
And the fireman starts to speak
“It’s getting better every time”
“Same time same place next week?”