Poetry by Jeff Green


Ain’t that the truth!

by cricketjeff on August 24, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

No good deed goes unpunished
No kindness left unkicked
Your life will be unfunished
Your belly harshly sticked

Don’t ever help a stranger
Or even one you love
You’ll just end up in danger
Or canalled by a shove

Each life you save will haunt you
And hurt you where it can
I do not want to daunt you
It seems that there’s a plan

So do not feed the starving
Or water those in drought
Your life is up for carving
There isn’t any doubt

I really was for aiding
And showing that I cared
But life is now unbraiding
With every trouble shared

I wish I was a loner
Who’d pass by on the side
It seems I’m now a moaner
Ah well, at least I tried.